The NEW member of the Elite Series, the  HA73EQX2 Elite , A dual channel equalizer, same quality but twice as awesome!

RAM 500

The first of our brand New Monitoring Control System, the RAM System 500 for our modular 500 Series

RAM 2000

Desktop Monitor Control RAM System 2000 for the studio that needs enhanced, mastering-grade stereo monitoring capabilities


Desktop-format, wireless remote monitor controller RAM System 5000 for the studio that needs enhanced, mastering-grade stereo and 5.1 monitoring  unctionality.


Heritage Audio was founded in 2011.

With the mission of bringing back the philosophy of the Golden Age of Recording and adapting it to the 21st Century way of working in the studio, Heritage Audio was founded in 2011. With a portfolio of more than 20 successful products up to date, we can only thank all our users and supporters for encouraging us on getting better and better every day.